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07-02-2011, 10:39 AM
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Being in that sports watching lull known as summer, I do watch a few more fringe sports like MLB, F1 and the CFL. Much like the CHL and NHL, the CFL has a "big brother" behemoth always looming although the NFL is the king of the mountain in spectator sports. There is concurrency in seasons in the fall and TSN does have to manage coverage of both. The CFL is regional for the most part and definitely has a bunch of athletes that most people don't know by name at all. It also struggles to capture the imagination of the GTA.

But with all it's flaws, TSN is forcing it down your throats. Yes they are taking advantage of the summer lull but they are still showing the CFL over say owning the Blue Jays broadcast rights. My point is if TSN wants to create interest, they can do it and the CFL has no ties to the NFL. At least with the CHL, there are ways of linking coverage back to current TSN money makers in the WJC and NHL.

I noticed the Score is showing Copa America games and it appears they have announcers voicing over live video since I'm assuming the original feed is not in English. This could be a method for TSN to keep costs down in CHL coverage if that's a real problem.

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