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09-10-2005, 01:27 PM
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[QUOTE=Ola]The again without beeing in the loop from a outside perspective you and singing doesn't make any sense at all. Its not a "opinion", its a fact if you consider normal conversation/argumental customs.
I understand that. But you have got to understand how many times arguments like this have been beaten into the ground. Sometimes, at round 20 of the same exact debate, it just looses it's steam. However, I know that you frequent this board. Therefore, it is a reasonabale estimation that you have read the threads that I refer to. As such, you should understand the arguments.

"trys to atleast find some common ground, like stating something like we can all agree that in the end the goal is to build the best team possible or in other words for example a contender its seems impossible to get a normal response. Instead one of you post a reply and says "no the goal is to inject youth"."

Very well. This year is not to be judged by winds and losses. The goal for this year should be to see what, if any, NHL-level talent we have. The goal should not be to build the best team possible. It should be to find out which of our prospects, ages 23-27, should have a place on the team in the future.
A secondary goal has to be the establishment of a system that does not resemble 1980 Edmonto pond hockey.

"We will have one of the most unexperienced teams ever(I guess I better add in modern days or you will bring up a team from 1897 as a example) "

Obviously. A comment like that is evidend as I cite teams from the turn of the century often as a comparison.

"Still you guys can't even consider or listen to arguments that contains statements that we might [B]not have to many vets on the roster."

We do. Some of us just completely disagree with such a statement.

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