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10-20-2003, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Cowboy
I agree, Reasoner is playing good where he is at and I think that he knows his role now, anything more is a bonus. He was given an oppotunity to score points and he ended up on waivers. I think he would rather be where he is at where there is no pressure to score and when he does, he's a hero, like last game.
I too think that he has more offensive upside that horcoff, and that is why horc is on the 4th line and Marty on the 3rd. If it was true that people thought horc was more offensive, he would be consistently on the 2nd line, which has never been the case seeing how Smyth is playing C.
I like the way it is now between Reasoner and Horcoff, they both play their butts off, they're responsible in their own end and that is all you can ask for from your 3/4 line centers. Any offense like i said, is a bonus.
Sorry, Cowboy. His character and determination doesn't add up to what you're saying. I think he would rather be where ever the team wants him to be. He's shy, and looks a little uncomfortable in the limelight, but handles all the pressure on the ice just fine.

I have no doubt that he could thrive and produce offensively if he was flanked by top end wingers. However, who do we replace him with on the 3rd line? Until we have someone (Stoll?) who sees the ice and reads opposing players as well as he does, his most valuable contributions to the team are shutting down opposing talent, on the checking line and on the pk.

And mrush, your post was rather rambling and erratic, hence difficult to follow. Others have touched on parts of your musings and I will respond to this:
Originally Posted by mrush
i seriously cant understand any reason for fans to think horcoff deserves pp time, and 2nd line centre duties over reasoner??
On this team, the 3rd line is more crucial to our success than the 2nd line. If we take less penalties, then maybe Reasoner could get some time on the PP. But, we can't expect him to be on the ice for nearly half the game. He was dog tired and showing it against the Avs.

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