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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
However from a reputation standpoint, the older RBK pads/Jofa (not the new KFS stuff), old CCM Tacks line (I have 652's, absolute tanks) and perhaps any top-of-the-line pad should offer better protection specs-wise than your Hitmans.
The way Reebok has changed (several times it seems) their shin pads over the last several years sure makes it confusing for the consumer. I used to have a pair of the older Fit Lite series shins. They were a stout pad. The only thing I didn't like about them was the way the pads that touched your shin bone were suspended by some thin strapping. It was great idea, but I took some hard falls and the thin strapping broke on the uppermost pad in both shins.

I recently updated to the KFS series and you can tell as soon as you pick them up they are not the pad the Fit Lites were. They are lighter and more narrow than the Fit Lites were. However, for beer league, I think they are a more suitable pad. I have taken some hard falls and blocked some shots and they have done the job, too. I have the KFS 7K, and as others have noted, the strapping sucks. The Fit Lites had a full calf wrap and bullet proof strapping system.

I'm ok with the KFS pads, but AIREAYE is correct in pointing out the current Reebok shins are not the same pad as what they used to be.

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