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07-02-2011, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
You're not really going deep enough. I don't care if they say they didn't want him. What's important is the reasons they give.
If it's because they felt he asked for too much, then that's understandable.
If it's because they felt Markov is the better Dman (obviously he is) and rather take a gamble with his health than overpay for a one dimensional D, then, again, it's understandable.
If it's because they felt comfortable enough with the D that they wanted to focus on offense first, and then perhaps get a depth signing on D when the dust settles, then that's also understandable.

Gauthier didn't say he didn't want Wiz because he thought he was crap and not important.

Reading most habs fans here over the past days really made me realize how most really think very little about the management. Most didn't even give them a chance before July 1st and within the first 30min were already raging about how we lost Wiz and Gauthier had no vision so pretty much didn't know what he was doing (if he was even doing anything at all).
Habs fans on this board really disappointed me today. I knew a lot of them were too emotional, but today was quite disturbing.

Management had meetings and identified needs. Obviously they aimed (perhaps still are) that aimed those needs and fit the requirements.

Wiz filled the void Markov left. Markov is back. There is no more void.

You do realize Gauthier could have called the camp to inquire what the asking price was, and decided it was too far off to even be worthy of discussing?
Why do fans automatically assume the absolute worse from our GM?
I agree with this. Posting less on this board made me realize that most people here overreact, and are way to emotional to think about things objectively.

But I'd rather keep Wiz over signing someone like Cole. I know they play different positions, but the money would be the same. The whole "building from the net out" plan was a good plan, and having Markov, Wiz, Subban and Gorges on your blue line is insane. Also, Cole might end up like Andrei, so I don't really see that move being that good of a one. I'm still happy we added some offence, but like I said, a good defensemen is better than a wildcard forward.

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