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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Geez you need to know your hockey history a bit more! Boston got lucky because they had in their goals a netminder that would stop a puck without seeing it with an outstretched glove even with 5 Habs players lying on him. Pure luck; wont ever happen again, he peaked at the best time.

But Patrick Roy is in the HOF of hockey and Thomas never will be so that takes cares care of Roy's "luck".. Roy wrote hockey history, he revolutionnized the way goalies work now and he changed the game forever. Thats not "luck": thats T A L E N T. Pure and simple.

Edit: PS: i prefer to see the Bruins win a Cup way more than seeing the Leafs winning one. If the Leafs would win it all well i'd freakin go jump off the Mercier bridge. (if i can get to it with all the traffic...)
When they get rid of Burke and get a really good gm then you can start a five year clock on Toronto's competitiveness. Burke decided, at a great cost, to build around a one-dimensional sniper with no leaderships skills and no work ethic, then decided not to get a good center to skate with the guy he's building around (thus setting himself and the player up for failure), and then decides to take the most overrated dman in the league... that team is going nowhere until they get rid of their egomaniac blowhard of a gm. But he's intimidated everyone up there so he's as untouchable as he is clueless. After defensive stalwarts and a defensive system, you build around a two-way forward who has an impeccable work ethic and can lead by example. Burke has scrwd that team up in a big way. Their young guys can't grow into roles because there's no nucleus, no top center. You can't expect a Kadri or someone else to come in and be that guy from day one. And you can't expect a Brad Richards to want to play there. Veterans taking the minimum for one last shot at the cup? Good luck on that score too...

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