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10-20-2003, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
he's the best man for the 3line center job. I've said it before, I'll say it again, that job is more difficult than the 2line job.
And more important too. Like seriously. If he succeeds in being an excllent 3rd line checker as good as Marchant, the Oilers have already scored bigtime.

Reasoner has missed so many scoring opportunities in the last two years its no longer an amusing little fact or string of bad luck: its a hard, cold, sobering fact. The "just missed" shot has become so routine he's starting to look up at the heavens during the windup.

I find it entertaining to muse that Reasoner is now our Marchant. Solid checker. Top faceoff man. Good passer. Stone hands. Or, at the very least, a bad shooter, much like Moreau (aka Mr. "Most Accurate Shot", aka "Great Junior Scorer") is.

Marchant scored the occasional huge goal, too, but nobody would say with a straight face that he's a good finisher. He makes a passable 1st line C on a bottom-15 team with their skill loaded on the wings. Reasoner is working towards a similar lofty goal. You see this reaction sometimes: one goal scored on a backup after a syrupy-sweet feed and suddenly a guy deserves to be 1st line C.

Horcoff just isn't that much different than Reasoner IMO. Same size and essentially just as physical. Better skater and more creative passer. Less hockey sense and slower to get off the shot. Good checker but seems to be less sound positionally to me. One has air conditioning and the other has the deluxe stereo and a sunroof. The options package on these models vary but the overall product is pretty close.

I'd be interested in seeing Horcoff Reasoner Moreau as a 3rd checking line, at least for once. Horcoff played very well on the LW checking role last year. Moreau spends a huge amount of time cycling along the right hand boards anyway.

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