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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
If I'm not mistaken Swe/Fin both have agreements with the NHL.

In addition, concerning the future, Russians have a very lucrative alternative to the NHL. NHL teams, therefore, must be 100% certain a Russian kid is committed to playing in NA. Agents realize getting a kid to commit to the CHL goes a long way in proving he's 'committed' to playing in NA.

I think it was Burmistrov who said he had to verbally ridicule the KHL to help convince NHL gm's he was committed to the NHL.
The transfer agreement that the NHL had with the RSL previously was nothing more than legalized ****. I can't remember if the NHL got Ovechkin and Malkin for nothing, or if they paid $250,000 for them. These guys will put more than a billion dollars in the pockets of NHL owners in the form of ticket sales, television, merchandising, advertising, etc. The Russians developed these players and got nothing in return. The NHL just skimmed the top and took all the high quality players out of the Russian system and spit the other ones out, leaving the Russian hockey system for dead. Those were the days when Russian teams couldn't make payroll for three, four, five months at a time.

I feel certain that the KHL will never voluntarily permit those days to return. For the rights to a kid like Grigorenko, with a realistic transfer agreement, the NHL should pay $10-12 million dollars in transfer rights. There may be some ways that the KHL suffers for lack of a transfer agreement, but when they see really good, talented kids not being drafted until the 6th or 7th round, where there is no investment in the player, it works to the KHL's advantage.

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