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07-02-2011, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by cleangene View Post
We've done a GREAT job building on the momentum of this past spring, huh? At least we know if there's another second round playoff appearance, we can afford to change the jerseys.
I'm just ready for SOMETHING cool to happen. Anything. It's been a pretty big buzzkill so far...I know we're usually not active in free agency so I wasn't expecting much, but I was definitely expecting to have Weber signed by now. It's not a crisis that it hasn't gotten done (yet), but it's kinda lamesauce for the fans.

So far this offseason has been: new jerseys, the alleged RFA mistake, and losing a handful of players. None of the above may end up being bad things, but with absolutely NO moves to balance it out, it's kinda depressing at the moment.

Especially like you said after the momentum of this past spring. We FINALLY got past the first round. We finally have owners and a marketing team that are really smart and have been successful. I was really hoping we'd be making moves to build on that over the summer.

It's not over yet though! A lot can still happen!

Edit: BTW, what's up with us losing Dekanich? I know nothing about how minor league personnel moves work. I thought we pretty much owned all those guys until we decide to trade them or they make the NHL and eventually become UFAs. Can anyone enlighten me?

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