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Originally Posted by Axman View Post
Wow, how did that happen if you don't mind me asking?

I'm also in the market for a new set; the ones I have are cheap. I don't want to take a heavy slapper off the shin or knee and get hurt...
I knee dropped, and the shin pad straps had somehow ripped earlier. So I knee dropped on ice with just my sock between my knee and ice. Trust me it doesn't sound realistic but it actually happened, and it was a bad game for my Warrior gear, my shoulder pad ripped too. Expensive game.
Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
There could be a multitude of factors which could have resulted in your injury.

- Perhaps the pad did not fit correctly (so that the centre of your knee cap wasnt in the knee donut of the pad)

- Pads came loose in-game (shifting, resulting in possibly a gap between the pad and your knee cap)

- If the nature of the impact was severe enough, no pad could protect you from that, just like no helmet can fully protect you from concussions, you see NHL players get injured from knee-on-knees too.

I'd say consider all factors form your injury, as you should be more concerned about that at the moment.

However from a reputation standpoint, the older RBK pads/Jofa (not the new KFS stuff), old CCM Tacks line (I have 652's, absolute tanks) and perhaps any top-of-the-line pad should offer better protection specs-wise than your Hitmans.
It wasn't #1 or #3, but quite like #2, basically the one on the back of the calf ripped, and I kneedropped right on the sweetspot to cause the pad to turn on my leg and boom knee on the ice. It's just one of those one of a million things, and probably would never happen again but yeah...

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