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09-11-2005, 10:13 AM
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If you are playing in a smaller gym, my suggestion would be to shoot as often as possible, from wherever possible... I'm a goaltender in ball hockey and I play normally in a rink at the Senior level in New Brunswick... But from time to time I participate in 3 on 3 tournaments in some of the smaller gyms around here... and the one piece of advice I could give you based off of that, is that if you are using a ball, shoot as often as possible, preferably high... A couple of reasons...

1) The movement of the ball is MUCH different than the movement of a puck... And it's much harder to pick up... With the size of a smaller gym, I've seen plenty of times in these tournaments where a shot from behind your own net will beat the goaltender, or at least a shot from center...

2) In a smaller gym, in full goaltender's gear for a day, you tend to get VERY tired and very dehydrated... By the end of the day if you are a butterfly goaltender (which most guys are) you will start to just flop to your knees to make the save as you are being drained of energy, thus, high shots will usually beat you...

My last other piece of advice is that in ball hockey, drink TONS of water... You will get dehydrated much faster playing ball hockey in a gym than playing ice hockey in a rink...

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