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07-03-2011, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by devito1192 View Post
horrible. who hired torts? that response makes me sick. brad richards didnt come here because of glen sather stupid. also, sather didnt hire torts to get richards here. while were at it, do you want to go down the list of everyone else sather has hired? drury, gomez, redden. and oh yea the classy move of dropping betts and signing brashear. 2 series wins in 10 years, yea glen is doing a great job.

the guy is an embarrasment, as is your who hired torts remark. going back and fixing the terrible mistakes he has made is not improving. making a deep playoff run and winning is improving. he has done such a bad job that even if he improved, he still sucks.

and dont spin my hatred for sather into im not a ranger fan.
Either my "Who hired torts?" comment went straight over your head or you're intentionally misunderstanding it because you have no good counter point to make. I never said Sather hired torts only because he coached richards before. That wasn't even remotely the point of asking, "Who hired torts?" You were saying Torts deserves the credit I'm attributing to Sather. So now comes my comment, "Who hired Torts?" If you give an employee credit for something, you also must recognize that the man who hired him pick a good person for the job. Torts reports to Sather. The buck stops here. Here being GM Glen Sather.

Now about your true allegiances, you said even if Sather led this team to a cup you would still want him gone. And you call yourself a Rangers fan? Have you no sense of decency sir? Have you no decency?

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