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07-03-2011, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
I agree with this. Posting less on this board made me realize that most people here overreact, and are way to emotional to think about things objectively.

But I'd rather keep Wiz over signing someone like Cole. I know they play different positions, but the money would be the same. The whole "building from the net out" plan was a good plan, and having Markov, Wiz, Subban and Gorges on your blue line is insane. Also, Cole might end up like Andrei, so I don't really see that move being that good of a one. I'm still happy we added some offence, but like I said, a good defensemen is better than a wildcard forward.
Not me personally. Cole isn't a wildcard, you're pretty much guaranteed a 20G scoring pace. Health was always the question surrounding him especially after that hit from Orpik, but he just played a full season for the first time last year so I think it's fair to say he's healed perfectly from it. Injuries are unpredictable, so I don't really count them in unless they are chronic and long.

I think the need of a top 6 winger that actually uses his size to his advantage was obvious. It certainly was a lot more important to fill that then it was to add a PP specialist to an already deep PP performing squad. If Wiz was as solid at ES and more reliable defensively, then I'd agree, but I really don't view Wiz as high as many others here do.
To me he was nothing more than a more reliable MAB with a little more size/toughness. Certainly not worthy of 5M, let alone 5.5, and for that long.

Cole is also overpaid, but like I said, I find he fills a much more important void.

Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I don't really see kabs as anything close to Markov, two different levels here. The habs need some toughness on the back end. I want nothing to do with Kaberle.
They are on different levels, Markov is better, but they are essentially the exact same. Good passing skills, good skating abilities, PP QB, defensively reliable, not overly physical, smart with the puck and good vision. Markov is better than Kaby in pretty much every category except for skating where I'd say they're identical.
So ya, on different levels because one is better, but they are of the exact same style.

I would be very happy to add such a player. It would certainly help ease the loss of Markov were we to lose him to injuries again. But if toughness is what they're looking at, I have no issues with that either as long as it's not too much overpaid. If Emelin pans out however, then I expect him to live up to his reputation, and even though I don't think he's particularly a good Dman, I can see the benefit of adding a guy like O'Brien.

In any event, I do trust Gauthier, I think he certainly earned some credit and trust, so I'm hoping he uses the remaining cap space wisely.

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