Thread: Speculation: Rumors From Non-Credible Sources
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07-03-2011, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
If Gomez does hit 50,60 or 70 points it'll be on the backs of MaxPac and Gio and not due to his skill set. More clearly, a lot of other, cheaper centers can accomplish the same thing with those line mates. A 1st line centre need to do more than just score points such as play defense against the other teams top lines. Last year Gomez showed he wasn't capable of that and that's a bigger worry to me than scoring points.
Think back to how many times he was the main culprit to a goal against due to not back checking, blowing his coverage or just not competing for the puck. It was extremely apparent in the POs and a large reason we lost to Boston IMO. Wasn't he -4 in a game or two at a time when we needed him most? Thats unacceptable, especially from the top centre, highest paid and supposed team leader. I'm sure he can have a better next season but at this point it's about more than that IMO.
When will people stop taking Gomez's last year as a reference? It was his absolute worst in his career. He will probably never hit his 86pts season again, but he IS a 60pts center while playing opposing top line, which his career +46 proves. Add to that his 59pts in his last 61 playoff games (excluding last year, as it was a total flop from the beginning to the end.)

Throwing Gomez away for nothing in return without having a player to take his spot would be a step backward. I believe he will get traded next year, all depending of Eller and Desharnais progression.

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