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07-03-2011, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by nuck View Post
^ This. Connolly was basically dropped by the Sabres. Not the prejudices of a few fans, but by an organization that had a need for a scoring center and made a hockey decision that it would be better to go outside to get someone rather than keep him. That should give a pretty good idea of how the club that knows him best values him. He has an upside which the Sabres did not expect him to find but is obviously a big question mark. Some of the Sabres fans that came on the board tried to point this out but were accused of trolling.

I don't for a minute think they would break up their solid second line in hopes of fixing the first line. If someone is available, they will find another way. Same reason they don't deal Reimer. They need to fix the broken things, not the parts of the club that are working fine. If ConnollY gets 75pts this year, maybe they might change their mind but Grabo is not likely to be on their list to deal for a mystery player. And if Connolly did get 75pts it might make more sense to find a scoring winger to replace Lupul and round out their top 6 scoring that way.

I think TC will get close to 60 points if he stays healthy. I don't think he will be a -29 and based on these things he makes the club 5 wins better than the 32pt guy he replaces. He could melt down too (drinking man? popped wood in the team shower? raging bipolar?). I think he is the best short term solution out there and I think he will outscore Weiss next season and I also expect he will be dealt or not reupped after 2 years and that Grabovski will remain.
It will be interesting to see how Connolly does this year, his previous season high total was 65pts and he has never scored 20 goals yet. At 30, if he can have a career year it will be a good signing, I just haven't seen many 30 year olds hit their peak at 30, the positive about this signing is the term no doubt, 2 years is not much risk.

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