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07-03-2011, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by NSHabs View Post
So those of you who see no value in protection....did you enjoy what happened during those games with Boston?Do you think that was right? I want you here to defend this position again when Subban or Eller is lying on the ice with a serious injury inflicted by Lucic or Thortons fists....because it WILL happen if this pacifist regime continues to live with its heads in the sand.ENOUGH!
Tell the truth. 'Fess up. You wanted REVENGE. I get it. So did Bertuzzi.

Just don't lie to yourself about what you really want, nor lie to others.

Originally Posted by We Want The 25 View Post
i think we have to get someone like that . laraque didnt do what we signed him to do and no one really wanted to fight him we need someone who in case one of our guys gets hurt he will go after the guy that hurt him and make him pay without sending him a fax asking if he wanted to fight . that was the problem with laraque . i want konopka and or boulton please
Ahah, an honest poster stating clearly he wants revenge, not protection (which cannot be had anyway).

Thanks for the candor.

By the way, have the protector theorists actually thought any of this through? Their premise is that one of our guys is hurt. We do know that the guy who hurt him might get a suspension of 1 game, 2 games, 5 games, 10 games or 20 games. He would lose salary and lose performance which can lead to his NEXT contract and more salary. Yet they dream that he does not care about those possible consequences, but is shaking in his boots that someone might fight him, and maybe win, maybe lose? Seriously, do they think that they have thought this through??

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