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10-20-2003, 08:03 AM
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after 5 games its really hard to tell anything.... i think we will all have a better picture of this team in another 10 games or so, but that being said

yes torres has been a very welcome surprise, but i still dont think that he is 1st line material

hemsky hasnt "dominated" a game yet, but im not sure that he really will dominate too many games this year. the fact that se has 1p/game so far and has chipped in with a goal as well is very good to see. if anything this should show that he prolly wont have a softmore jinx and could score 60+ points this year. (which really would be quite remarkable for a 20 year old)

the thing is about this team is that the people that *should* be scoring havent been yet (dvorak, york, isbister). so if they ever get going i think this team could be decent and might make the playoffs. i still think dvorak could have a good year but the jury is out on isbister still for me.

all this will hing on salos play though... and until he gets his save percentage up around .910 or so, i wont be satisfied, because i dont think its too much to ask for your goalie to have an average save percentage.

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