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10-20-2003, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
That was also Simon's best game. Some rugged play and actually showed an ability to make smart offensive plays, including setting up the GTG. NOW he's benched? What, EXACTLY, was the message Sather was trying to send?
Even if it was not a benching and just a way to get Kovy more ice time, there were other things that Jackass could have done. There's a reason why the Messier line has been amongst our best ones. They keep it simple. Messier does not have the luxury of swishing & dishing w/ either Barnaby or Simon. So what does he do? He simply dumps the puck in and lets Matty & Simon go and get it while he drives to the net. That was exaclty how they scored the goal the other night. Mess dumped the puck and then BOTH Barnaby & Simon went to get it. Simon tied up the 'Canes playes while MAtty emerged w/ the puck and set up Mess. The key difference between that and what the top lines do is the other lines would not dump the puck. Instead, they would look to pass at the blueline and (at least based on early returns) have the puck stolen. OR, the would dump if, but then either not go get it or only send in one person to try to take it. In the above example, BOTH Simon and Barnaby went for the puck. Result? If not a goal then at least a scoring opportunity.
I bring this up to say that instead of benching Simon, maybe he whould have benched Rosie while moving Chris up to Eric's line to do exactly what he has been doing for Messier.

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