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Originally Posted by Shadowrunner View Post
That's not fair. Most posters contributed something meaningful to this thread, with only a few head-scratchers like the one you quoted.
Maybe I was a but unclear, but I agree with the poster I quoted.

After being through the hole Grachev thing as basically the sole critic on the entire board I don't plan to invest hrs in setting people straight on BR, a player I actually like.

But can we at least keep the madness to a somewhat reasonable level...

Hint: BR is not after just Sid C and Joe T in terms of skill. There is a hole bunch of centers, not 5 or 15 but probably 2x/3x that who on the avg shift brings more to his team than BR.

Then BR is really good at what he is good at. Awesome offensive instincts. Good shot. You know what, I wouldn't complain if someone came on here and say "You know what, for certain teams that needs exactly what BR brings, there probably isn't 5 other centers who would be as valuable for them as BR".

It's not even funny to talk about him as a top 3 c in terms of skill. Anyone remember when we played him in Tampa a bunch of times per season? Was BR a player you even remotely worried about like you do about guys like Sid or AO? No, and due to Tampa as a team being flawed, BR was easily shut down by the likes of Betts and Co. That's not a top 3 center in terms of skill. They will basically always get up ice, win momentum for their team etc.

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