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07-03-2011, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
What's all this plan B nonsense? Gagne was plan A. Everyone and their mother knew that Richards was headed to NY. I was impressed the Kings put their best PR foot forward to try to change his mind, but to imply that Brad Richards was Dean's plan A is silly. nothelen said the same thing and I just had to laugh. If anything, Richards was plan B (more like plan K given the likelihood).

Most people had Gagne penciled in as the top UFA option for the Kings to target given Richards had made his NYC intentions pretty clear a long time ago.

The Kings signed the best player realistically available. That is always Plan A. Dean executed and he's now a King.
I'm not following you here Tony. The fact that the Kings admitted to Gagne that they wanted to see what happened with their offer with B. Richards first clearly indicates that Gagne wasn't their optimal first choice. The probabilities of said Richards plan working out don't change the fact that it was the preferred plan. Sure, Gagne was clearly the secondary plan of action but it doesn't make him the preferred plan just because the true Plan A wasn't going to work out. If it was all just bells and whistles then the Kings wouldn't have wasted any time potentially losing Gagne just to go through the motions.

There's nothing wrong with Gagne knowing he was the secondary plan just as there's nothing wrong with Gagne admitting his first choice was to return to Tampa. The semantics of word choice don't really matter.

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