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07-03-2011, 06:37 PM
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Happy holidays! :)
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Age: 29

Occupation: Middle management at a family-owned logistics company

Music: Literally any. I have crap on the computer since 2000 that should probably be deleted.

Food: Anything good. I love to cook and have gotten good at it. About to reno the kitchen!

Interests: Hockey (despite gross lack of talent), politics, travel, NYC history, general trivia, and cooking

TV/Movies: Jeopardy, Family Guy, Simpsons, a bunch of foreign films

My section at MSG: 119

Misc: I'm gay... but never mention it to anyone and no one knows when they meet me. I don't force it on people and sure never bring it up on here. Until now. So... yeah.

That's it.

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