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10-20-2003, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
(and I remember there were a few) I got some questions...

found out recently that I have a complete tear of the medial meniscus and a partial tear of the lateral meniscus (terms may be wrong). Also, I have at least a partial tear of the ACL (won't know the extent to which after being scoped) and there seems to be some problems with the kneecap.

Now that I've given my life story, just wondering what some recoup time/activity was like for some who have had knees scoped with torn meniscus. I've heard varying stories, but would like to hear others.
Don't let my post scare you because what happened to me is real rare. I had a ACL tear that the MRI showed. The DR. went in and just cleaned up the torn Cartilage and said the ACL was fine. 4 weeks went back to work (I am a Maintaince man) Totally riped my knee. Went to A different DR. He repaired the ACL,MCL cleaned cartilage and scare tishue. And to this day 7 years later and 4 more knee clean ups(scare tishue and cartilage) It will not go straight (about 50 to 60 degrees from straight) which is destroying my back. I am supose to use a cane but at 33 I just will not agree to one's so ever. Do not mean to scare you by any means but to tell you to make sure you get one heck of a good DR. Wich in your area you are loaded with. in my area there are only three specaists in this feild and are no dought culls from bigger areas (I live in a very small area) every one around me said to get out of my area including my family DR. but if you knew me you woul soon come to realize how hard headed I am. Sorry for the long post just please pick a good DR. Look up RICHTER's DR.

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