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07-03-2011, 08:58 PM
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Kudos to the OP.

Hamrlik has never been given enough credit for his offensive contributions or his hockey sense.

I get tired of hearing how terrible he was in the playoffs. I'll be the first to admit he made some bone headed plays and had a couple of bad games. But he took a lot more risks because well - he just had to because of injuries to the team's offensive star.

Many fans totally ignore his stats from the playoffs last year. You don't have those stats by being "terrible". With Markov gone last year and Subban a rookie just who was the offensive production up to then? The same thing happened this year. Subban and Hamrlik had to take risks to help the team score. Gill sure as heck couldn't provide anything and Wiz was playing with one arm.

Rewind to last year's playoffs................

1. Plekanec's goal against Washington in game 2.
2. Cammalleri's goal against Pittsburgh in game 2.
3. Gionta's game winning goal against Pittsburgh in game 4.
4. Cammalleri's goal against Pittsburgh in game 6.
5. Spacek's goal against Pittsburgh in game 6.
6. Dominic Moore's goal against Pittsburgh in game 7.
7. Gionta's goal against Philly in game 3.
8. Cammalleri's goal against Philly in game 3.
9. Gionta's goal against Philly in game 7.

Many of those goals came after a D play by Hamrlik where he used his hockey sense and / or skill. I'd challenge anyone to go watch the replays and say differently. But the only thing you will ever hear from his critics is that he was tired and worn out and sucked in the playoffs. Give me the guy who's tired and worn out but still can make some of those plays.

While Gill had to step up and play against tougher competition his game remained the same - no offense. He continued to lay back and just play D. But his + / - bears out that he's been the worst at even strength since he's been a Hab.

Hamrlik was forced to play the role of a number one D-man for most of the last two year's . With that meant taking more risks. The OP's analysis proves his stats are very admirable considering he was playing the toughest competition while holding the fort with a weaker D partner.

I would have kept Hamr before Gill and given him the 2 year contract without a doubt. Because that didn't happen doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. In the last half of the season the main three providing the offense from the blueline were Subban, Hamrlik and Wiz. IMO Markov replaces Wiz's production and Wiz was no slouch. Subban's will probably increase. IMO it will have to be a joint effort by other players to replace Hamrlik's. But what's a little scary is if one of Subban or Markov go down. I don't that the Habs are ready to handle that and for that reason my choice would have been Hamr instead of Gill.

As it stands Gauthier let two top 4 d-men with good ES contributions walk out the door. Wiz would have been too expensive I guess. He got his contract but what would he have taken to stay in Montreal? We'll never know. Hamrlik from reports was prepared to make less in Montreal than what he will in Washington. He also turned down a three year deal to go to Washington.

And with all of the talk about who is the better mentor (Gill or Hamrlik) ATM all I hear from the Washington side is that speculation points to Hamrlik being brought in to mentor Mike Green. While Gill "mentors" a superstar in the making Hamrlik maybe has the job of turning a wayward offensive minded D-man into a superstar instead of being trade talk fodder.

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