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07-03-2011, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
I'm sorry but I'm really going to be that guy....

Is no one else worried about the bottom 6? I really think we are just that ONE person away from really having "the team" to beat. I don't know what it is. I just think we need a 3rd line RWer.

Oh and I also don't see Parse playing for us much, if at all. IMHO he either plays in the AHL, gets top 6 minutes due to injury, or gets traded.
I think you are underrating Parse. The guy put up 24 points in 59 games in limited minutes two years ago(I think he was 2nd or 3rd in points per minute that year), and is the only option we currently have to move into top 6 winger if an injury were to strike(with Gagne and Williams I would guarantee it does). Clifford, Richardson, Lewis should never be top 6ers, and Stoll is best as a center. Parse adds skill to a third line, and I think a Parse - Stoll - Lewis is a deadly third line with speed, skill and great defensive awareness.

I think people are forgetting that there are option for some more size and grit to be added from Manchester. King, Holloway, Cliche, Nolan all are gritty players that go to the hard areas of the ice. King/Nolan would add some size and hitting, Cliche/Holloway some slid twoway play and much needed energy. Poni/Zues were often lethargic out there, a reason we had to see the reemergence of Zeiler's name to add some energy to the bottom 6.

Also remember that the top 6 is now much more complete and physical. With Penner, Kopitar, Richards, Brown we have a big strong intimating top 6 which will help offset. These guys play much bigger minutes than bottom 6(obviously) and are going to grind teams down. Despite what Johnny Utah says we already have one of the biggest toughest lineups in the league. Parse, Cliche, Richardson, Lewis, Gagne in bigger roles will be adding some much needed to speed to a lineup and in particular bottom 6 that we desperately needed. With our big physical top 6 we don't need to populate our bottom six with all grinders.

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