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Originally Posted by JordanStaal#1Fan View Post
Nash and Dirk aren't as heavily marketed as the face of their sports as Brady and Manning are. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are, both are black athletes, one was accused of **** and the other is pretty much universally hated.

And don't put your head in the sand, the NBA is mostly seen as a "black" sport, the NFL is not, even though there are A LOT of black players in it.

I love basketball and I think all of this is VERY VERY VERY sad, but we have to face the truth, there is a big racial issue in the way the NBA is perceived. And that is breaking my heart because a dozen of thugs make a whole sport, heck, in the mind of some *******, a whole "race" look bad.
Did you ever think the reason NBA gets such a bad perception is because of there garbage product on stands , The attacks on coaches , The generally higher notoriety of there incidents (Pulling guns on teammates , Strangling coach , Attacking fans in stands , etc)

Race has little to do with it ,, People loved Reggie Miller , Karl Malone , MJ , Mutumbo , Shaq , etc

Todays NBA players are for most part not likeable and they play garbage game on court

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