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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Absolutely. But with Richards and Carter, they sacrificed money to stay in Philly. Had they known they were going to be traded away, neither would have signed for cheap. The franchise would have been in salary cap hell the past two years (beyond what they already put themselves into) had they paid Richards what he was worth on a short term deal. Carter's new deal hadn't started yet, but it would have been the same scenario (or worse, with the way money has been thrown around this weekend).
1. Sacrificed money? Kane and Toews are paid slightly more with a much shorter term, and I'd take Toews over Richards and Kane over Carter. Getzlaf and Perry are paid similar figures on the short term, and both are better than Carter or Richards.
2. They wouldn't want to sign with us if they knew they would be traded? No offense to you, but no ****. The fact still remains that they didn't sign for "cheap."
3. You keep acting like the franchise owes it to them to make them the highest paid players in the league. It's a give and take business. If they want to win a championship, they have to sign to a contract with a cap hit that won't cripple the team. And, once again, almost every player their age would prefer a long term deal with a lesser number of dollars per year than a short term deal with slightly more.

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