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10-20-2003, 08:55 AM
True Blue
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"I think even you must admit that they are better skaters than Purinton. I dont know if youve notice (I assume you have being a long term viewer) that skating is a large part of the game? "

Ok, you got me. They are better skaters. Terrific. Again, I ask, what has that gotten us? Was Daneyko a great or even good skater? No, but I would take him as my #6 defenseman any night of the week. The M&M boys are also better skaters than Derrian Hatcher. Does that mean that if they were in Detroit that they would be starting instead of him? For their vaunted skating, how does that address the problem that they cannot seem to make a simple 5 ft. outlet pass out of the zone? Or the fact that they cannot seem to handle the puck without immediately coughing it up? Or that they cannot handle an onrushing skater w/o commiting a penalty? How does their skating help with any of that?
We are talking about a #6 defenseman. Since when is it a requirement that the #6 defenseman skates like Hedican? Seems to me that if you can simply make an outlet pass and not give away the puck with maddening frequency, you are am automatic improvement over either Malcough or Bobo.
They have not shown that they are capable of doing ANYTHING to help the team through the first 4 games. The only thing that they have done is hurt the team. Isn't it high time that they were not dressed for a game and someone else be given a chance? Surely there's not much else that ANYONE can do worse than the ADRD.

And while, we're at it,

"isnt a good fighter when going with heavyweights "

Can you tell me when you saw Dale get really outclassed by an opposing fighter? He had one fight this year. Jodey Shelly. Dale gave every bit as good as he gave in that one. Last year he fought and beat Brashear. Now, if you do not list Brash as a heavywieght, then who is?

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