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09-12-2005, 08:08 AM
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I'd agree with whats been said so far. I play for a small roller hockey club and every now and again we get people coming down who haven't played before, i tend to coach them. It might be worth your while talking to them before hand about how much they like hockey, how often they watch it. If they are huge fans of the sport then they will already have some idea of what is expected of them and recognise some of the terms used (point, slot, toe, heel, stepovers, etc). If they are trying it out for the first time and dont know the sport, you may need to explain some of this.

The main thing to start with would be skating. Help them develop a good stride, show them how to position their body weight when skating (keep back more upright, bend the knees, that kinda stuff) and then work in turning, stoping, going backwards, stoping when going backwards. Also, when skating, try to get them to think about keeping their stick on the floor and their heads up as early as possible. Helps stamp out bad habits.

Stick handling is not too bad. All you want to start with are the basics and that requires concentration more than skill. Get them pushing the puck side to side, not hitting it side to side. Try this standing still and moving. Then work in more stuff like using the heel and toe of the blade, body rotation. I have a link somewhere to a site you can download videos of stickhandling drills, once i get home from work in a few hours, ill look it out for you. Goes from basics to some pretty advanced stuff.

As for passes, get them doing some simple passes close to each other and then make it more difficult. Move them further apart, make them move when sending and receiving passes and using the backhand. Or if you want to be evil, get them trying backhand saucer passes straight off

I'll try post some more later, including the link but now i must go and earn the money my boss gives me. Either that or find a new job. Best of luck with the coaching.

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