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07-03-2011, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Le CH View Post
Erik Coles contract is $4.5M each year for four years... why not front load the first two years for something like $6M, $6M, $3M, $3M. After two years if things arent working out they could more easily find a taker on a trade.
His cap hit would remain the same, which usually is what teams look at.

Front loading contracts becomes interesting when you sign players to 8years+ deals.
You can give big amounts early, and then get away with cheap 1-2M salary at the end of the contract, which lowers the cap hit. Take Lecavalier's deal, 10M for the first 7years, and then it gradually drops from 8.5M to 4 to 1.5 to 1, for a total cap hit of 7.7M.
Same thing with Jeff Carter. His extension kicks in next year, an 11year deal with a cap hit of 5.2M. Over the years, his salary fluctuates from 6M to 7M to 2M.

I'm not a fan of front loaded contracts.

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