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10-20-2003, 10:07 AM
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Personally, I don't care for the trade in any of the forms it's taken here on the boards. I'm not a huge fan of Comrie and even if he would be an upgrade on that second line behind Koivu, I don't think it's worth the effort of trading Ribeiro and *someone else* for a potential headache and the loss of the *something else*. The Habs need more size in that position and while Comrie does play with grit (don't anybody kid yourselves that this kid plays small), he's not what Gainey is looking for, I would believe.

What concerns me more than anything else are the names being given to *something else*.

Komisarek? Hainsey?

I think the simple answer from Gainey would be a mild chuckle followed by the dial tone.

The Oil would get a major steal should they get Komi for Comrie in a straight up trade. I'm not trying to diminish Comrie here, but Komi is going to be an extremely strong defender, one that every team in hockey will want to get. He's huge, can skate well, has a great shot, and has even showed an offensive flair the Habs were surprised with. Add to that his attitude, and his work ethic and, as I see it, you have the Habs next captain when Saku has left the position.

Hainsey won't bring as much in the long run, I think, but here's another extremely highly touted kid who can't be tossed in with Ribeiro to even out a trade for Comrie.

And all that is without having taken into consideration the salary implications. Montreal isn't looking to add any salary to their payroll and Comrie for Ribby straight up wouldn't be appealing in terms of dollars and sense. This is a rebuilding year, not one in which the Habs add high-priced talent.

Just my thoughts.

A concerned fan.

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