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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Horrible analogies
Kane will be 27 when he becomes an UFA
Toews will be 28 when he becomes an UFA
Getzlaf will be 28 when he becomes an UFA
Perry will be 28 when he becomes an UFA
They will all get their paydays.

Richards will be 35 when he becomes an UFA
Carter will be 37 when he becomes an UFA
They will not be getting any more big contracts.
So we gave Carter and Richards their lifetime contracts earlier than the others will likely receive theirs...
Do you really think the others' contracts will have a cap hit that is that much more than either Carter or Richards? Remember, the players couldn't care less about the cap hit.

They absolutely did. They passed up tens of millions of dollars over their careers.
Because we all know hockey careers are guaranteed....What could possibly go wrong for a player? Good thing we didn't give Lindros a lifetime contract. He would've been ripped off!

And when it comes time to lock up JVR, Giroux, Voracek, Scheen long term, they will remember exactly how the Flyers do business.
They may, indeed. I'm not supporting the way the Flyers traded these guys.

Which is what they did. To help the team out. The team then traded them.
Yeah, and the team helped them out by guaranteeing them each nearly $60 million.

That isn't true at all.
I tend to think that athletes would like long term financial stability in a sport where players go down daily, some never being able to return to prominence. I bet Gagne wished he had Richards' contract. Also keep in mind that Richards and Carter didn't reluctantly sign their contracts. They were obviously happy with the terms, or the wouldn't have signed. The team dicked them over in the manner in which it traded them, but "it is what it is."

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