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09-12-2005, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by quartermaster29
Yeah, I am not for wishing the Titans sink (^5 swampie), but you have to admit that football fans will never leave the city. The Titans could take the 1st draft pick for the next three years, and there will still be sellout size crowds at the beginning of that next season. Football is in the blood of many of the people who live here.
I don't totally agree.

Ya, the hardcore football fans will always support the Titans, as the hardcore hockey fans always supported the Predators (though there are more hardcore football fans in Nashville).


Don't forget last year, while all the Titans games were "sellouts", there were loads of empty seats after it became apparent that this was not a playoff team.

Don't forget that when the team played at Vanderbilt and went 8-8, the city's overall interest in the Titans was marginal.

So yes, I do think the city's overall interest in the Titans will decrease considerably if they continue to stink it up.

And I think the city's overall interest in the Predators will skyrocket if we are able to be a playoff contender, especially if there's nothing to get excited about in the Titans world.

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