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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Hi Flyers fans,

I was just dropping by to ask some of the older fans what their reaction was to the Eric Lindros trade back during the 1992 draft? 19 years ago there really wasn't an equivalent to hfboards and a community like this to hype, dissect, analyze, scrutinize and discuss every little move, let alone the mother load of all blockbuster trades. I'm guessing things were basically tracked through TV, radio and newspapers and discussed between friends in bars and rec rooms in private.

Anyway, considering all the drama that went with the hype, the league wide bidding war, the Rangers alternate offer, the Bertuzzi ruling, what were your thoughts as a Flyers fan when it came to be that Eric Lindros would be a Flyer? In 2011, I'm sure a deal like that would have shut down these boards for a week, but what was it like in 1992? Were you attached to any of the players leaving, was it just pure celebration and excitement? What was it like?
Gathered around the radio with co-workers listening to Bertuzzi read his statement to the effect that the Flyers had a legitimate deal first. We KNEW this meant a Cup! Hahahahaha, that's hockey for ya'.

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