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09-12-2005, 01:26 PM
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We play in a ball hockey league every Sunday, and I'm usually a goalie. Here are some things I notice:

- I (as well as every other goalie in my league) insist on using our ice hockey pads, which is overkill. So, a lot of times we can't control our rebounds as well. Plus a ball will inherently have a spin to it. Not that it's a different tactic from ice hockey, crash the net and find the loose garbage. I've had plenty of goals scored on me from non-threatening point shots where the ball just squirted out and somebody stuffed in a rebound.

- If you're on a breakaway, do a hop step to slow yourself down with about 20 feet to go. I've seen plenty of guys on a dead sprint to get a breakaway, but they never slow down when they try to make their move. Most of the time, they either get a weak shot or completely lose the ball when trying to make a deke. My buddy does a hop step once he gets into the clear, and then he does his deke.

- If you have the option to shoot or pass..........more than likely take the shot. Depending on the ball you're using, completing a saucer pass is harder with a ball, since most balls won't settle like a puck would.

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