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07-04-2011, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Ya, we were so scared to play Boston that we were 1 Goal away from eliminating them. You're right, they completely ran through us...
I swear, the crap I read here sometimes...

You want a goon, that's fine. You think they serve a purpose, that's fine as well. But don't make ridiculous claims such as the one you just made.

Back in the days, having a goon was for the sole purpose of protection. If someone hit Joe Sakic, no matter who it was, Chris Simon would pound the living hell out of the guy. Didn't matter who it was. He wouldn't get an instigator penalty or fine or anything. The goons served a great purpose and having the best fighter actually mattered. Since the new rules, their value has dropped tremendously. Teams prone discipline, so you rarely see those goons jump on anybody anymore. You have a few reckless ones, but that's about it.

And don't even dare trying to hint that Thornton's presence on the Bruins roster made a difference in the finals. The guy was utterly useless. But I'm not surprised pro-goons would try to use it as an argument.

I wouldn't mind adding one, I won't cry at night if we don't. If the players actually want one, then get one. I don't think we need two. We can look within our own ranks as well.
blablabla we were one goal from winning it all blablabla the Bruins don't deserve the cup but we do blablabla ....

Hey wake up! We LOST 4 games out of the last 5. You can base the entire season on this last goal if it makes you feel better, it's up to you. I don't! I know what I saw during the ENTIRE season. We were fast and agile but that's not enough. We were only 5 points from not making the playoffs. If you like watching our players getting humiliated, good for you.

As for Thornton, you can see it as you please. I noticed the Bruins played differently when he was in the lineup after game two.

Finaly, please don't pretend to detain the ultimate truth. Everyone has their own opinion/vision. It's not because you have 200,000 posts that you have the right to say my comments and thougts are crap.

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