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Originally Posted by HaBs_ReNeGaTe View Post
I guess Hamilton still need a starting goalie, since Mayer could be the alternate at best. The team also need something like two forwards. A center because we don't know if Leblanc and Nattinen will be performing as we expect them to or if they'll join the team at all. A winger because apart from Palushaj, Avstin and Trotter, I don't see any guaranteed top-6 AHL winger in the system.

The d is pretty good with Diaz joining.

If we add these players Hamilton can still be strong contenders, IMO.
Well I'd say at this point they don't have any goalies as I'm hoping Mayer isn't back with the Dogs.

They don't really need a center per say. Leblanc, Nattinen, Fortier, Masse, plus if Engqvist is back with the Dogs, plus Trotter can play center if need be same for Russell if he's back. Although I would agree that they need to find a more offensive center as we are overloaded with defensive minded centers at this point.

If Russell is back he could be in the top 6 and there's Berger who might be in the top 6. As for right now they have Trotter, Conboy, Berger, and Bishop as current LW's, Russell got his QO so I assume that means he'll be back unless he wants to try his luck in one of the Euro leagues.

The D we'll need to see who's actually there. Nash, Henry and Stejskal are under contract, I expect Diaz to start in Hamilton, and St-Denis/Carle I assume will be re-signed since they got their QO's as well. If they have a top 4 of Nash/Diaz/Carle/St-Denis with Henry they should be in good shape but will need some depth like Petruic or Bisaillon and more.

Right now though the main concern is in nets, until they get that figured out, we won't know what kind of team the Dogs will have next year.

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