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10-20-2003, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by PigPen
Well, actually, it DOES sound a lot like Kuznetzov and Golubovsky Ryno. Both had very hard shots, were big, played hard when in the mood, sucked moving side to side. Golubovsky was pretty fast north and south but not big Max. He was a pylon.
The thing is, all 3 of them didn't look like they really cared about where they were. I've seen Semenov about 10 times last year and each time was the same, aloof play.
Aren't you wondering why that MacT is playing a career minor leaguer like Fergeson instead of Semenov? I can guarentee you that it's not because Fergeson is developing into the second coming of Larry Robinson.

And I don't think you guys and gals on this board get it.
The wings' organization doesn't WANT to replace fischer with a big name free agent just because they can. They love how Fischer has progressed defensively, how mean he's become.
Big, tough, fast, physical defensemen who can play on your first pairing and do nothing but help your team don't grow on trees.

Believe it or not, but Detroit has slowly been building for the future and plans to hold tightly onto it's youth because after this year there's going to be an exodus of hall of famers
Sorry PigPen, comparing Semenov to Kuznetsov and Golubovsky is still absurd. Kuznetsov was slow, extremely slow, and couldn't make up for it with good positioning. We here think Cory Cross is slow...Kuznetsov could make Cory Cross look like Paul Coffey (well, maybe not Coffey, Cross IS hideously slow... more like a skateboard racing a Big Wheel ) His noteriety for taking bad penalties meant that you couldn't play him at all in the 3rd period with a lead and he had the hockey sense of a beer-league brawler.

You're right, Golubovsky could skate straight ahead well (not as well as Semenov though, check out his lap time from the Oiler skill comp this year), but he had no idea how to use his size to his advantage (not Poti-esque, but close). Also, as far as I have seen and can remember, Golubovsky's shot was nothing to write home about. I will concede that's it's been a couple of years since I've seen him play regularly.

Semenov has elements that neither of these guys had. Patientce, hockey sense, good positioning, a willingness to learn, and AGE.

As far as an answer to your question, see momentai's post.

And you're right, I wouldn't deal Fischer if I were you either. This guy's going to be something special, and seeing him put one of the Sedin Sisters through the glass at JLA instantly made him one of my favorite players. I hope Semenov could develop the edge that Fischer has, because he certainly has the potential.

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