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Originally Posted by Gift of Gaborik View Post
There are 30 teams so technically you could label the top 180 point recorders as "second line" as a strict definition. Last year, that was around 35 points. Now, that would be the limit, so I think a "true second liner" would be more around 45 points. Now, some players bring more to the table defensively than others but I think 45 points is a pretty good barometer of an average second liner. I'd say an above average second liner is anywhere from 45-50 points.

47 players last year recorded more than 60 points. So I'd say that anything above that is a definite first liner and you could argue for someone who is in the 55 range. Top end first lines put up around 200 points a year, so I could see someone arguing even 65 points. If I had to say:

80+ points: Elite first liner
70+ points: High-end first liner
60+ points: True first liner
55+ points: First line tweener/Elite second liner
50+ points: Above average second liner
40+ points: True second liner

I know points aren't isn't a foolproof method but I think it should provide some perspective.
Measuring how many goals scored per 60 minutes of TOI is a better way to look at it in absolute terms. But then you get into the argument of why the player is not getting the minutes, have to look at the +/- as the next layer.
But overall, I think the above is a pretty good measuring stick.

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