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07-04-2011, 06:20 PM
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Having not seen much of Smith I scoured some vids. Apparently he's been in a few fights. I worry about a goalie that's easily agitated. You get a guy sitting in the crease all day making life rough is he gonna throw a fit or shrug it off and stay focused?

I'm seeing some decent saves on the "highlight" footage, but nothing spectacular. Most of it is pucks getting stuffed center mass. I do hope he kicks some ass, because that's all we got, but I'm still pretty skeptical of him as a starter.

I'm actually quite shocked at a lot of the Bryz bashing I've read since the trade. I think he was by far the best Goalie this team has ever had. Considering the make up of the team, that was playing in front of him, to pull off as many wins as he did, was a pretty remarkable thing. I think we asked way to much of him, and he pulled out many wins for us despite our lack of high end scoring and offensive(sometimes absent) minded defense.

I'm sad to see Bryz go, but think he will thrive in Philly.

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