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10-20-2003, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
quick background...tore my knee in '86...knee swelled to the size larger than a grapefruit...doc said it was a meniscus tear, no surgery needed (being 17 and strong, etc.). Had a similar type of tear 5-6 times more since then, the last being 10 years ago, never going to the doctor thinking I knew it all. Since the first tear there's been discomfort. Feels like two bones rubbing on each other. Occasionally it buckles, resulting in me sometimes falling. There also feels as though there's something missing in there and there's some movement in there (doesn't seem steady). There is pain with almost every step. Strange thing is that I can go to the gym today, run 3 miles, ride the bike for 15 minutes, and squat 315 pounds 10 times. After all this, I decided to get it checked out by the doctor who initially thought it felt fine but suggested I get an MRI to be sure. And here I am.... Hope that helps a bit. Chances are, and I ain't no doctor, there may not be anything seriously wrong, but it may not hurt to get checked out. Even a little meniscus tear can lead to worse things along the way (as you see me here 17 years later).

And I hope your situation is different Servo..the MRI did reveal a partial ACL tear, but we won't know the extent to which it is torn until it's scoped (and I'll find out about the whole kneecap issue).

I understand every recovery's different and I'm going through with the surgery no matter what, but I was just trying to get a sense of what others' experience(s) were out there. Depressing that my dog won't get a walk for a while though. She's gonna kill me.
Fletch I've blown out the ACL and torn meniscus twice. One reconstruction and two scopes. My advice to you is to get an MRI and take advantage of the fact that you live in near New York and goto one of the great doctors there. My doctor was Dr. Alchek at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. Used to do all the knee, shoulder, and elbow work for the Mets (met Al Lieter in recovery last time i was there). But seriously, if your joint is aligned right, it may not bother you too much now, but it could end up being a total joint replacement (which means you cant do anything other than walk at full recovery) a few years down the road.

Surgery would be my recomendation. Surgery by a great surgeon that is. It may be expensive but its worth it cause your getting the best service in a field that has serious potential for problems.

I had three surgeries and I'm in the best shape of life right now, best shape since senior year of high school right before lacrosse season (when I blew it out). I dont know much about aligning joints but I was back on the lacrosse field 5 months after surgery.

My last recomendation would be to ask for aggresive rehab after surgery. Ask to rehab like a pro athlete would cause that was the best advice anyone gave me. An assistant coach of mine told me to do that and it really paid off. My knee was strong in 5 months and I was ready to go. It was tough and painful but well worth it. If you want any more advice or want to ask any questions email me at or if you have aim just write me (cpotts18). good luck

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