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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Of course not, I never said that... I just believe that if we are saying the entire team played great against the Habs and therefore we should say that the entire team deserves the credit and Leighton doesn't in spite of three shutouts and only two goals in the four wins... then maybe we shouldn't say Leighton is he reason the Flyers lost the SCF Round even though the entire team played a loosey-goosey bunch of games -- granted the Flyers were pressed to make up for bad goals given... but I'd say the team's D wasn't so great and the top D-men had little left in the tank.

Personally I'd give Leighton BOTH the credit and blame in the two series... and again my original point was that a relatively steady goalie such as Bryz should prevent that from occurring in that manner going forward.

In any case, I don't think this horse should be beaten any longer... and I don't really believe we are that much in disagreement as we agree the Flyers as a team, including Leighton played well in one series and not so much in the other... at least I hope we aren't.

EDIT: And the Flyers did score a lot of goals in the SCF also, BTW.
I thought our skaters played great against the Blackhawks. They went toe to toe with the toughest team to play with in the league.

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