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07-04-2011, 06:26 PM
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I said this a year ago in a post just a few up but I still fail to see why anyone cares at all!?

Can someone please tell me why it matters at all if people say Minny!?

I've never heard one person from Philadelphia ***** & moan about being called "Philly" but yet most of you guys do like crazy about being called "Minny"...

Again, I heard it ALL THE TIME in Minnesota... My moms a flight attendant for Northwest, well now Delta & all over the country Flight Attendants & Pilots refer to us as "Minny" People say I'm "based in Minny" or "I'm flying thru Minny then onto detroit" etc, etc

There is absolutely nothing wrong, insulting, demeaning, etc, etc, etc about having the nickname "Minny"

Who the fudge cares!?!?

I grew up in Minny! At least once a year I go back to Minny to see friends. I will continue to say Minny even more now until people unbunch their panties and relax about something so stupid...


If people really want to complain about a stupid name I think we should start petitioning to change the name "Wild'! If there was ever a stupid thing to be called it's that right there.. I would rather be the Minnesota Minny's then the Minnesota Wild... Worst name in the history of sports.

How about we become the Minnesota Northerner's? We could get our precious N* logo back, it would have nothing to do with the Dallas Stars, it would fit the geographical area & we wouldn't have to be named after a roller coaster anymore...

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