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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
see again, I can't agree with that.. I heard it a million times growing up... Maybe it's just because of my moms job, the circle we were in made it more common to hear but to this day, friends of mine that have always lived in Minnesota say "Minny"

Matter of fact, just last night, my cousin who has lived in Minnesota his whole live, Apple Valley to be specific texted me: "Hey man, will you be coming back to Minny at all this summer?"

Another friend of mine asked almost the exact same question on the phone to me & he definitely said "Minny" and he's lived in West Bloomington his whole life. Well he lives in Uptown now technically...

I still hear it all the time & I dont even live there haven't for 9 years! haha
There's a number of people who will refer to Minneapolis (or the cities as a whole) as "Minny," but damn near 0 native Minnesotans call the state Minny. It wouldn't even make sense as the name of the state doesn't contain the pronunciation "minny."

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