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Originally Posted by RichNash61 View Post
Rbk 9K or 10K is the stick to have. Two release points greats for snap shots!
2 release points? And it's going to be hard to find either stick in your price range, maybe if you're lucky but (pre-discount fyi) you'll get some pushing your upper spend limit.

Originally Posted by ponder View Post
In terms of good sticks that can be had for a decent bit less than the real top of the line sticks:
- Older Warrior Dolomites are on sale, awesome sticks (the ones with the dragon graphic)
- Easton SE16s are on sale too, great sticks too
- I've seen quite a few Bauer X50s on sale too, also great sticks
- For more mid-range sticks, I like the Bauer one80
- People seem to be liking the Sherwood T90, it's their top of the line stick but is still cheap, around $130. Haven't used it myself though

The Crazy Ovie curve is, well, crazy, it's basically his actual curve. A lot, and I mean a lot of people are gonna have trouble with it. I personally have experimented with open toe curves, but I shoot much, MUCH better with mid and heel curves, like the Easton Drury (or clones), Easton Sakic (or clones), Bauer P106, Bauer P88, etc. Really depends on your technique, what curve do you shoot best with now? If you have trouble keeping your shots down I would stay far, far away from the crazy ovie.

Rbk make good sticks too, but from what I've seen the blades seem to have some durability issues (seen quite a few teammates Rbk blades fall apart at the toe, at least on mid range, older models), and they seem to run a bit stiffer than advertised too IMO.
We haven't had any SE16s or X:50s go on sale around here, but all of the highlighted ones are definitely going to be worth the money. Your suggestion of an X:40 is great too, as many believe it to be one of the best price point ($100) sticks on the market.

It's all a matter of finding the right curve and flex for the older sticks and that could be difficult.

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