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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
in that they are all sold by BMW, yes .... in case you didn't know:
BMW won't deny a BMW owner who is also a Ford owner the ability to buy another BMW, while permitting a BMW owner who is also a Chevy owner the ability to buy another BMW.

DirecTV is a Satellite TV Service
Comcast is a Cable TV Service

you think i'm the only Comcast Cable customer who also gets NFL Sunday Ticket on DTV ?? and therefore is a customer of both companies ??

seriously ??

is it REALLY that hard to fathom that a consumer could be a customer of both TV providers ??

there are probably hundreds of thousands of the 2 MILLION DTV NFL Sunday ticket subscribers who are also Comcast Customers nationwide.

those who are Sharks fans, get access to CSN Bay Area through DTV [since comcast wont give access themselves on cable]

those who are Flyers fans, cannot get access to CSN Philly through DTV [even though comcast wont give access themselves on cable]

clearly Comcast will not allow all of their customers access to their favorite team's CSN

how you can deny that is beyond me.

regardless of whether you see it my way, the FCC is removing this loophole by which Comcast keeps CSN Philly off the Dishes, and that's all i really care about [even though it wont affect me a bit, just good to see Comcast cant get away with this any longer]
Comcast's role is not to worry about who's a fan of which team. Their role is to provide programming for which they fairly bid on in a regional basis.

Why do you not care that Comcast does not provide more than just regional coverage to Comcast-only customers on their own systems? I have a friend in the DC area. His apartment complex is surrounded by trees, blocking the possibility of satellite service. Why don't you care about him, Bernie?

And I don't deny that there are individual households out there that purchase dual services. I do absolutely deny that they are in anything other than a significant minority. In case you're unaware of the world going on outside your little bubble, the current rate of actual unemployment (which includes people whose benefits have run out, etc.) is something in the range of 20-25%. We're in the worst financial climate since the Great Depression. I simply don't believe very many people are paying multiple tv service bills.

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