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Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
So we're only allowed to fondly remember champions now?

I wasn't even alive in 1987 and I understand the idiocy of that statement.

Some of us were just extremely shocked and disappointed to see them go because it looked as though they were on the verge of doing something big together. You look back at that shift by Richards in the EC clincher against Montreal, when he was really on top of his game. Then you see the way Giroux and JvR were really coming into their own at this level. Briere still lit up the playoffs. Then there's the defense, which is one of the best in the league when healthy. The odd man out of the playoff performers was Carter, but at some point it seemed like he'd put it together in the playoffs. If it happened next season, I'd say it'd be their best shot. Richards played a lot of games last season, it'd be interesting to see his effort level deep into next season given the extra time off this off-season.

It was a team of strength seemingly built around Richards and Carter. Acquiring Bryzgalov was the last piece. A few minor tweaks, a few smart signings to fill in depth, and the Flyers are again considered one of the top contenders. But that's what I think the organization got tired of: being considered annual contenders, spending to the cap, and seeing no Cups.

Interesting to note that the Flyers have maybe 3 players on the roster drafted by the organization.
The comments above yours just prove that the majority of Flyer fans treat their players like ****. It's embarrassing to see how this fan base is perceived elsewhere and I know it isn't everyone but the ones that act like petulant children because the team didn't win the cup make everyone look bad.

They had a deep playoff run last year and didn't have enough recovery time. It happens to nearly every team, Chicago didn't do much either during this year's playoffs just like Pittsburgh didn't do much the year before. Add in the extended number of games with the Olympics forcing a longer season and some of the players didn't have enough left in the tank. But then again we're supposed to act like these guys are super human robots.

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