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10-20-2003, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by jfont
i think zizka will stay with the big club but won't play the next game against phily. i bet strbak will get the start tuesday instead of tomas. kings also need to dress brennan for that game to counter the very physical flyers team.
I'd have to agree with the Zizka slamming, he's been unimpressive but he's not the only one to be blamed. Modry looks disgraceful out there, but then again he always has! His decisions are at snail pace!

As far as Brennan goes "jfont"? I'm absolutely disgusted with AM's decisions every night! I love our coach, but we simply are the softest team in the league! We are not respected plain and simple, and we don't have the players out there to police our situations. Every *****ing team in this league dresses two to three players (heavyweights) that can handle the business. We simply skate by! And, it's not fair to Lappy to handle all of our problems. He is a middleweight plain and simple and although he has the balls to take on any heavyweight around it's just not fair to him or the team.
Sorry to say folks (and i'm not trying to be negative or a jinx) but until AM sorts this situation out, we will still have injuries and other teams will continue to abuse our top players. I'm not saying it's all the blame (injuries), but they can be prevented if teams think twice about who we're lining up.
Colorado gave up a top prospect and Messier to get Worrell. And they also signed Cummins. Even our lame ass next door neigbors went out and picked up Simpson and Burnett. I could go down every team, and name all of em'! Bottom line is we make excuses and say that Brennan and Flinn can't play, it's a joke in my eyes! No Norton, Flinn, Brennan = no balls. And we definitely lack them here. Modry, Strbak, Zizka, Visnovsky, Gleason, and Holland are not very scary. And when Miller and Matty come back they won't fight either.
It's time for other teams to start getting pounded!

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