Thread: Speculation: The Availability of Ted Purcell
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07-05-2011, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by garmonbozia View Post
If he can be signed for a reasonable number he probably won't be traded. That he's still here and Gagne and Bergenheim aren't speaks to the teams belief in him.

If it goes to arbitration I think there is a very real possibility its for an amount more than Purcell is worth ($3M+?). Purcell's arbitration could potentially be more costly than Lundin's would have been. Best chance for someone else to acquire him probably lies in the hope Yzerman walks away from the arbitrators decision.

Purcell+Ohlund or Kubina

for Hjalmmarsson(sp?)
Yuk to your proposal

Kubina sucks and his cheapshot cost us the Nucks series (If we have Bolland for games 1-3 we take the Nucks out easy IMO)

Ohlund is not that good anymore (At least from what I could tell and serves more as mentor does he not)

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