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Originally Posted by svartgul View Post
Btw and Off topic, Inside Scandinavia you don't even have to use a passport to travel between our countries. I wonder what Arizona legislators would say about that

This is not a political forum, but I just want to make one comment on this: you can't compare Sweden's borders with America's borders.

Sweden borders countries (Finland, Norway, and across the water Germany and Denmark) that are just as wealthy and there is no chance that all of Germany - or at least all the poor people in Germany - will suddenly move to Stockholm. This is why the EU does not allow countries inside the union until they reach a certain level of economic development.

Mexico is not Finland. Whatever the benefits or the detriments of Mexican immigration may be, it is not a comparable situation to the Swedish-Finnish or Swedish-Norwegian border.

Mexican government's "social welfare program" seems to be to send all their poor people to the United States, including by giving them guides on how to illegally cross the border, as well as by giving them id's to be used once they are here.

I suspect that if, say, Moldova or another poor country decided to send the majority its poor people to Sweden, your government's reaction would not be the same as when a tiny percentage of Finns move across the border. Ever wonder why Moldova is not allowed to even discuss EU membership right now? It's because Moldova is poor, though still a bit wealthier than Mexico, and the Europeans do not want to deal with other nations' problems.

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