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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
But let me guess... you're totally on board with that being Weber (that's who it'll be) instead of Franson (Franson plays on the right, btw). And wait... you'd trade Gill for Franson? Doesn't that go exactly against what you just said?? Franson isn't just "shiny and new", btw. Not only is he bigger, he put up more points in a single season in the AHL than Weber's best, AND he actually has more than 10 NHL goals (and 50 NHL points) to his credit. I know Weber is one of those players that people just love for, well, very little reason (shot? AHL points? Swiss underdog?), but it's entirely likely that having a similar ability to be involved in scoring plays coupled with a larger frame will make Franson the bigger contributor in the NHL both short term and long. Heck, he's ALREADY in the NHL contributing more than Weber. If I didn't like Gorges so much and value the work he has put in on the defensive side of things so much, I'd be willing to dump him for Franson as well.

If Price really is the real deal, and we already have Markov, Subban, and Gill around (and Tinordi in the pipeline), exactly how much defense do we have to insulate him with at the expense of fixing the same problem we've had for years: scoring goals?
Weber has potential and showed improbvement while with the Habs... although I agree with you about the comparison

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